Why Blog?

The notion of blogging confuses me. For the most part, I'd rather eat my left shoe before I'd read other people's detritus. Who cares? However, I suppose there can be exceptions and it's been suggested to me that I might brighten up my web site with a few, occasional utterances on matters that arouse my attentions...limited as these are. As I start to write these words, I'm aged 61. When Mozart was 61, he'd composed 42 symphonies, 27 concertos and 16 operas…and had been dead for 36 years. At the same age, Robert Burns had demonstrated his genius to the world following the completion of his 'Kilmarnock Edition' and had been pushing up the daisies for 24 years. While I'm satisfied that I've made a minor and positive contribution to the general wellbeing of my fellow man and am generally delighted that unlike these aforementioned geniuses, I'm still around at a more advanced age to put pen to paper, I'm clearly a lazy dullard by comparison. However, I'm infected by the same urge as were they to communicate, if at a more basic and pedestrian level.

My books, 'The Kaibab Resolution', 'A Confusion of Mandarins' and 'I Belong To Glasgow' reflect both the pleasure I take in writing and the discipline I enjoyed in seeing these projects through to publication. The first two, novels, the third a biography, let me test different forms of composition.

This blog departs from those formats and is a collection of essays. They do not purport to be great literature. Some are insightful; some argumentative. A few are humourous. All are written...or recycled...because the subject matter spurred me to reach for my laptop. I trust that you find something in these pages that amuses or annoys.

Ron Culley

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